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Better REST support

Nestor Hernandez

Hi Stripes users, here I make so suggestions in order to give a better REST support.

  • REST support uses naming patterns which is discouraged because typographical errors may result in silent failures and other points described by Bloch ( Now we have annotations. Look at JUnit, they are no more using naming patterns to test classes, they have @Test. Naming patterns seems like we're back in Java 1.4. Please let's use @POST, @GET, @DELETE,etc. Right now the annotations just doesn't work. These annotations should work even if the ActionBean is not marked with the RestActionBean annotation.
  • REST support by default, and with no chance for further customization, packages up all the validation errors in a defined way. It will be better if we leave the developer free to change it respecting ValidationErrorHandler. Look line 447 of DispatcherHelper.
  • REST support doesn't have an expressive way to return headers or error codes. It will be nice if we create a base class called HttpResolution where we can set headers, error codes, check ResponseEntity of Spring MVC or DefaultHttpHeaders of Struts2.
  • The new class JsonResolution is tightly coupled with Jackson because JsonBuilder uses Jackson directly. What if need Gson? We need a JsonBuilderFactory there.
  • The parsing of JSON body is tightly coupled with Jackson. I developed in my fork a pluggable content type request wrapper and a Gson implementation.

Thank you so much. I'm open to code these features.

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