Last Issue Fixed for 1.5.8 ?

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Last Issue Fixed for 1.5.8 ?

Hi folks,

This was our last bug in JIRA for 1.5.8 :

We've received a pull request for it :
(thanks to Dave btw !)

Although I could not reproduce the bug consistently, I have seen the fix at work at least once, and the fix makes sense.

It's fixed in master (1.6.0-SNAPSHOT) and 1.5.x (1.5.8-SNAPSHOT).

As many Stripers have recently asked about 1.5.8, and there is no open issue, I guess we have no more excuses :)

Ben, are you ok ? I can release the maven things tomorrow, maybe you can also recall me about the other "boring stuff" ( and all) and I'll do that too ? 



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