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Could you please elaborate on multiple stripes applications in a war file.

I am looking for something like as below:

App 1 --> Customers management

App 2 --> Order Management

App 3 --> Product Management

App 4 --> Shipping Management

App 5 --> Authentication/Authorization

Is it possible by using Stripes multiple apps mechanism to deploy all of the above apps individually in their own .war files; at the same time allow them communicate with each other without resorting to SOAP/REST or any other integration patterns. I mean, communicate exclusively within Stripes boundaries.

For example, when an ORDER is received from a CUSTOMER for a PRODUCT that needs to be SHIPPED to an address. Apps/modules 1 to 4 will speak to 5 obviously, at the same time Order will check Customer module to check if the customer exists in db. Similarly,

Is there anything possible similar to Django(Python) installable apps or Padrino(Ruby) mountable apps/sub apps in Stripes ?

Any code examples are much appreciated.

Many Thanks.