Nesting <stripes:param> tags in a custom tag?

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Nesting <stripes:param> tags in a custom tag?

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I wrote a simple custom jsp tag to help me write a bunch of common urls quicker:

        <s:url beanclass="com.blah.blah.long.package.${bean}">
                <s:param name="username" value="${actionBean.username}"/>

The problem is when I use this tag and try to add additional params, they throw a nullpointer exception.

         <page:trackerUrl beanclass="birthday.BirthdaysActionBean">
                 <s:param name="selectedMonth" value="all"/>

It seems that this code in ParamTag:

       // Find the parent link tag
        Tag parameterizable = this.parentTag;
        while (parameterizable != null && !(parameterizable instanceof ParameterizableTag)) {
            parameterizable = parameterizable.getParent();

doesn't find any parent when the jsp executes inside the doBody method. Is there any simple way to get this to work or am I stuck? Is there a different invocation mechanism besides doBody?