Question on Implementing Alternate View Technology

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Question on Implementing Alternate View Technology

Joshua Chaitin-Pollak

As an experiment, I am looking at the feasibility of replacing JSPs with another templating engine, but still using Stripes on the backend. I realize there would be no access to stripes tags, but for now that is fine.

I have found I can implement a class to extend StreamingResolution, call my templating engine, and the page renders fine. This works great, except that when I construct the view, I would need to pass the ServletContext or the Request into the Resolution, so that the actionBean and other context attributes are available.

I know this isn't necessary when using the ForwardResolution and JSPs, so my question is, where is the JSP rendering step in Stripes? Is it possible to hook into this step, so another view technology can integrate as seamlessly as JSPs?

Thanks for any advice,


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