Stripes Wiki, JIRA, and Jenkins build have moved!

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Stripes Wiki, JIRA, and Jenkins build have moved!

Rick Grashel
Stripes Developers,

I wanted to send a note out to everyone on the mailing list to inform you
that due to some issues with our hosting provider, we have moved the
Stripes JIRA, Confluence, and Jenkins sites for Stripes.  Github has and
will remain unchanged.  Ben has repointed the DNS and it should be updated
for everyone in the next couple of hours.

Stripes JIRA and Confluence are now hosted free of charge by Atlassian
using their OnDemand cloud service with a Free Open Source license.  This
takes us to the latest version of both JIRA and Confluence.  We have
migrated everything the best that we can.  There is a minor issue where
attachments on JIRA issues did not come over, but I will be trying to bring
those over in the coming days.

The wiki pages have had to be recreated one-by-one as the version of
Confluence that Stripes was on is too old to provide a stable migration
path.  As a result, we did lose the history and original author attribution
of those pages.  If you were an author of one of those Wiki pages, I
encourage you to sign up to the new Wiki, edit those pages, and give
yourself credit!

If you had a prior registered account on the old Stripes Wiki/JIRA, when
you go to the new site and sign up using the *same* email address as
before, it should link your old account without creating a duplicate
account.  The Wiki/Confluence site is located at the normal URL
(  There are hot links from the new Wiki to
Stripes JIRA, Github, Jenkins, Javadoc, and IRC.  The Stripes builds have
been moved Cloudbees who is (thankfully) providing free Jenkins build
facilities for Stripes under their FOSS license.  

This migration has uncovered a lot of staleness in the Stripes wiki, and
over the coming weeks, we will be working to renovate some of that.  If
anybody is interested in making a Wiki contribution, please let me know.  
There can never be too many contributors.

If anybody has questions, feel free to post them here or come to #stripes.

Thanks all!

-- Rick (RickG on IRC)

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