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Hi folks,

I took the liberty of rewriting the webtests : I tried to run them, and they were completely outdated. I guess they are never ran... Not that they are completely exhaustive, but the mock tests are not either (eg they don't test the tag lib). Wasn't completely useless : I even found/fixed a bug in the process...

For the record, the webtests were using Canoo Webtest, a browser-less framework that had its time but is now pretty much deprecated. Therefore I have re-written the tests using Selenium + Findr (a small utility for writing better Selenium tests, easier).

The tests basically check that the Calc sample works (both old-skool and ajax versions), and tries a few things over bugzooky. 

One can run the tests via the IDE (they're basic junit tests), and via maven 

mvn clean install -Pwebtests

This should run the example app inside a jetty instance, exec all tests using Firefox, and shutdown the app server. 
For those who prefer chrome - which is way faster (you'll need chromedriver installed locally) :

mvn clean install -Pwebtests -Dwebtests.browser=chrome -Dwedriver.chrome.driver=<path_to>/chromedriver[.exe]

At the time writing the tests are  green.

We could enable those in the continuous builds, but I'm not granted to modify the jenkins plan :

RickG could you please allow me ?




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