Where does variable 'contacts' came from in the book about Stripes?

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Where does variable 'contacts' came from in the book about Stripes?

I'm currently only reading the book "Stripes: ...and Java web development is fun again".
Since I'm not new to web development, I'm able to read this book without practicing in editor.

I have spot a problem on page 47 in the following line:
<c:forEach var="contact" items="${actionBean.contacts}">

What is this reference "contacts"? It is not explicitly declared in the action bean. It does exist only in this method name:

public List<Contact> getContacts() {
   return contactDao.read();

So, was the "contacts" reference accidentally dropped from the code or Stripes perhaps uses implicit declarations according to some naming conventions, e.g. method naming? I believe that it was accidentally dropped, since in the first chapter a "date" reference was used in similar way, but now I'm not sure that there is not some kind of implicit declarations since Stripes forces convention over configuration.


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