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flash scope and ajax requests

Chris Cheshire
On a JSP to view an item I have a button to make an ajax call to delete that item. Once that item is deleted, the javascript code forces a redirect back to a main listing page.

What I want to do is have a message displayed on the listing page that the item was deleted.

The Stripes action that controls the delete returns JSON via a custom StreamingResolution instance (where content is the output from a JSON builder)

        return new StreamingResolution("application/json", content) {
            public void stream(HttpServletResponse response)
            throws Exception {

Before returning this I am making a call to add a new message :

        getContext().getMessages().add(new LocalizableMessage("blah"));

However, when because the redirect is happening via javascript (changing window.location.href) rather than returning a RedirectResolution, the flash scope and the message contained within isn't available.

How do I control the flash scope manually to achieve this?



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