statics in StripesFilter (configurations etc.), unit test isolation

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statics in StripesFilter (configurations etc.), unit test isolation

Hi folks,

I've had a shot at :

The issue is basically that MockServletContext has no "close" method, so the registered filters and servlet are never disposed correctly (as per the servlet spec, by calling "destroy()" on them). 

I though it was an easy one, but fixing this made other issues appear. Closing the context in my unit test would make other unit tests fail !

Loads of tests call StripesFilter.getConfiguration(), and rely on a statically shared MockServletContext (find usages for StripesTestFixture.getServletContext()) in order to do so. So my test that closed the context (and destroyed StripesFilter) had a side effect on other tests...

I'm fixing the test isolation issue by creating a new MockServletContext and wrap in a try / finally that closes it, everywhere needed, so that the calls to StripesFilter.getConfiguration() work.

Now the question. Why is the Configuration thing so complicated ? I mean, why not just a static ?

The javadocs mention several configurations per class loader... What for ? I mean, a webapp runs in its own classloader anyway...

If anyone knows the rationale for this design (configurations, configurationsStash et al), please tell me !



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